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We believe that lawyers should go into the community and bring the law to the people. If an unfortunate event occurs, people need to know how to properly exercise their legal rights.

Over the years, we have provided pro bono services to individuals and groups at no charge and no obligation. We've spoken about those who have been pushed aside, victimized or discriminated against in various areas.

Please accept this as an open invitation to ask our office to come to your church/religious institution, your social club, your union hall, your community center, your tenants' association or your civil rights group to give a free lectures or civil rights seminar. We're available to discuss the following legal issues:

  1. Our CIVIL JUSTICE SYSTEM and how it works, concerning accidents and injuries;
  2. LEAD POISONING and a tenant's rights if a child becomes learning disabled because of it;
  3. AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS. This includes knowing what to do at the scene of the accident, as well as resulting medical bills, loss of earnings, and money damages that people are entitled to for their pain and suffering;
  4. What to do if you have been ARRESTED AND FALSELY ACCUSED of a crime. This includes clearing your reputation after it becomes tarnished due to an unjust arrest;
  5. WORK RELATED ACCIDENTS. This issue includes getting your medical and hospital bills paid, and how to be compensated for loss of earnings even if the accident was your fault;
  6. Hazards in your own APARTMENT BUILDING. You should feel safe in your home, but too often people sustain injuries there due to faulty security, improper elevators, rickety staircases, falling ceilings or poor maintenance;
  7. MEDICAL MALPRACTICE and what you can do if a hospital or doctor fails to exercise reasonable medical care resulting in injury and/or death;
  8. DANGEROUS DRUGS and pharmaceutical negligence causing permanent damage, as well as defective products and what to do if you have been injured by one;
  9. DISCRIMINATION and hostile work environments with respect to members of protected classes under the federal, state, and local statutes.
  10. YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AS A CLIENT with respect to a lawyer who represents you. As with everyone else, there are good and bad lawyers. You need to make sure that your lawyer works for you - and not the other way around!

We're happy to speak to your organization or church group on any of the following topics:

Please call us at 212-227-8865 or fill out the following form

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