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Previous Cases


awarded to a 27-year-old model who was slashed and assaulted in a building where several violent crimes had occurred.


following settlement, paid out over time for a seven-year-old child who sustained lead poisoning due to his landlord's negligence in failing to remove chipping and peeling lead paint from the walls of his apartment.


awarded to out client, a New York City welfare inspector, who was attacked while on the job by the defendant's vicious pitbulls, causing scarring and loss of earnings.


awarded to a three-year-old girl who became learning disabled as a result of sustaining lead poisoning due to lead paint in the walls of her apartment.


awarded (including a waiver of worker's compensation lien), to a construction worker who fractured his femur and tore ligaments in his knee as a result of using a defective saw.


verdict to a teacher who suffered a fractured toe requiring surgery after tripping over a loose wire on the floor of her office.


settlement to a site flag person who was hit by a car sustaining a fracture of her hip and humerus.


awarded to an unemployed 60-year-old woman who sustained a fractured hip after allegedly walking into the path of a motor vehicle.


settlement (including a waiver of worker's compensation lien) to a 58-year-old construction worker who sustained a herniated disc as a result of falling from a pipe in a construction trench.


settlement to a 46-year-old nurse who sustained a herniated disc and fractured foot after being struck by a car as she was crossing mid-block, looking in the opposite direction.


verdict to a 27-year-old home care attendant who sustained a torn meniscus after being struck by a car while exiting a bus at an improper location.


settlement for a 44-year-old carpenter who suffered a fractured hip and a knee injury after cutting himself with a saw that lacked the proper guards.


settlement for a 39-year-old laborer who sustained a two herniated discs as the result of twisting his back on debris on the floor of a construction site.


settlement (including a waiver of worker's compensation lien) for a 38-year-old mason who fell through a hollow shaft on the sidewalk, sustaining a herniated cervical disc and a laceration of a tendon.


was awarded to a 13 year old boy who fell while attempting to board a bus and was run over due to the bus driver’s inattention. He had suffered multiple fractures, skin graphs with resulting surgery. Our team was able to successfully litigate, negotiate, try the case, and defend attempts to reduce the verdict, on appeal.


settlement for an 11-year-old girl rendered learning disabled, as a result of a hospital’s failure to interpret vital signs on a fetal monitor strips during labor.


was awarded to our client, a 37 year old obese man, who died, after being chased by police/security, and suffered a fatal asthma attack. He was not provided his inhaler, nor given the proper medical attention by the defendants