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Denise Perez


Diane Brigante


Diane is our out of state representative available for special projects, involving organizing and maintaining updated medical records for clients as well as preparing affidavits, legal correspondence and other legal documentation. She assists in preparation of case exhibits and evidence in addition to early client contact concerning hospitals, medical facilities, insurance carriers, and document disclosure with our adversaries.

Arlene Sogluizzo


Arlene is involved with major discovery and document exchange in the disclosure part of litigation. She will often negotiate with opposing paralegals to streamline record exchanges, thus avoiding court intervention, which helps to speed up the case. She will also serve as our office liaison between outside attorney services and court personnel.

Cameron Schmelkin


Within our firm, Cameron, our IT Manager, plays a supportive yet crucial role. He keeps our systems up-to-date and ensures our digital tools operate efficiently. Additionally, Cameron assists with internet research and video evidence reviews, bringing a tech-savvy touch to our case preparations. While his work often hums quietly in the background, it's his commitment to smooth technological operations that helps our team focus on what they do best.

Judy Schmelkin


Judy is a medical record registered administrator. She will analyze a client's medical chart and determine whether the records are complete when obtained from the facilities. She will assist in handling administrative functions such as bookkeeping, office expenditures, advertising and promoting the office in community functions.